Dwight (DJ) Harris grew up in a real estate family. His great-grandfather was an accomplished architect, his grandfather a structural engineer, his father a developer/builder and his mother a Berkshire Hathaway office manager. Growing up DJ split his time between helping his mother at open houses and visiting job-sites with his father. Today, DJ is as passionate about construction and real estate as he was when he showed his first-grade class how to properly nail together 2x4's during "show and tell." He deeply enjoys working with his father to develop land and design and build custom homes. As a HERS Rater he is able to certify new construction homes with the Energy Star label and model energy loss to optimize design strategies. 

DJ's knowledge of new home construction, from land development to certificate of occupancy, gives him the rare ability to be a voice of experience, not just in finding the perfect site, but throughout the entire process of designing and building a custom home. His passions for design and architecture give him a unique perspective when sifting through the masses of existing houses for a home with beauty, character and history.

New Construction Specialty Services

A typical agent's job is done when the client closes on a building lot or signs a contract with a builder, leaving the buyer to fend for themselves through what often can be a difficult and scary process. Having no one else to turn to, most clients put their trust in an architect or builder for guidance and expertise. Make no mistake, home builders are looking out for their own financial interests, which are not the same as the client's. Architects, even the most talented, rarely have the time or expertise to interview builders or negotiate contracts, let alone specify, inspect and certify construction.

DJ's philosophy is radically different. With design and construction expertise, DJ has the unique qualification to act as owner's representative, legally bound to look out for the client's interests first, throughout the entire new construction process. As a HERS Rater he is certified to write project specifications, verify construction details and  quality of installation, and work with state and federal agencies for project certification. This combination of tools, knowledge and licencing gives DJ the ability to write project specifications that meet energy, durability, health and comfort goals while giving him the authority to inspect and verify that project goals are being met. This gives the homeowner accuracy in a competitive bidding process, protection in the case of a dispute, and peace of mind that the process is well managed.